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As your elected Representative of the 24th District, I will work hard to bring about change on these critical issues facing our state:

Jobs & Small Businesses

As a working mother and small business owner, I know the value of hard work and what it takes for working families and job creators to be successful. We need to make sure that families working 40 hours a week are able to put food on the table. To be able to go to work, families need affordable healthcare and childcare, and we should be doing more at the state level to make the possible.

I know firsthand that small businesses are the real job creators of our economy – my small business has created 10+ jobs alone. For too long Lansing has focused its tax breaks on wealthy out-of-state corporations, hoping they’ll invest here, while ignoring the small businesses that actually drive our economy. We need to support small businesses and the jobs they create for families.

Finally, we need a fair tax structure, both for small businesses, working families and Individuals. Corporations need to pay their fair share for our infrastructure, especially as they benefit from Lansing’s tax breaks.

Senior Citizens & Health Care

The State of Michigan owes a great deal of thanks to our senior citizens who built this state through their hard work. Unfortunately, Governor Snyder and Republicans in the State Legislature have chosen to balance the budget on the backs of our seniors. They started taxing senior pensions, which were a fixed amount promised to them, for the first time in Michigan’s history. It is wrong to tax the fixed incomes of Michigan’s seniors while we give large tax cuts to corporations. I will fight to repeal the pension tax and work hard every day to see seniors in Michigan receive the dignity and security they have earned.

We also need to reign in the skyrocketing healthcare costs that cripple budgets for seniors as well as working families. We need to make sure seniors can afford the healthcare they need to live and that families are healthy enough to go to work and school.

Roads & the Great Lakes

It is impossible to drive around the 24th District, especially Garfield road, without confronting the fact that Michigan has a major problem prioritizing our roads and bridges. While many other states in the Midwest have made large and necessary investments over the last decade, Michigan has failed to do so. As a state, we must responsibly maintain our infrastructure. I will work hard to see we don’t ignore this issue and will fight to bring road funding to the 24th District and make our roads and bridges safe again.

But safety doesn’t stop with our roads. We need to make sure our drinking water and Great Lakes are safe and clean too. In the heart of the Great Lakes, no family should be afraid to drink their own tap water. Greedy corporations that pollute Lake St. Clair, the Clinton River, and other waters should be held responsible and clean it up. And for the sake of our economy, recreation, and heritage, we need to do everything possible to keep our precious Great Lakes clean and healthy.


In order to get good jobs and lead successful lives, our kids need to have access to great public schools. I will work every day to see our educators and local school boards have the resources necessary to give our children a 21st Century education. A vibrant Michigan economy begins with a strong public education system for all kids.

That system doesn’t just include K-12 though. Every child, regardless of income or background, should have access to affordable early education to get a good foundation for success, as well as higher education that fits their needs and goals, be it community college, trade school, or a four-year degree. In Lansing I will work for public higher education and job training programs get the funding they need to help train the most talented workforce in the country.

My other educational priorities include: access to early education for all students and increasing oversight of for profit charter schools.

We must also look at mandatory sentencing laws and examine their effect on our prison population.

Making Government Work for Families and Veterans

When it comes to state government, families and veterans should come first. For too long, Lansing has been focused on giving tax breaks to wealthy corporations and not focused enough on basic functions of government, from securing safe roads and bridges to ensuring our first responders are supported to keep us safe. Police officers, firefighters, and EMS workers are vital to our communities. To keep our communities safe, I will work tirelessly to see proper revenue sharing for local governments is in place to keep police and first responders on our streets and their hard-earned benefits intact.

There is no excuse for not making sure our veterans who have sacrificed so much have what they need to live successful lives when their service comes to an end. No veteran should go wanting for the benefits they have earned and deserve. In Lansing, I’ll do everything I can to support veterans in Michigan.

Part of good state government is a smart criminal justice system. That means making sure we’re not wasting our taxpayer dollars locking up nonviolent offenders. We should be investing in mental health care, substance abuse programs, and programs for youth that not only cost less in the long run, but also help save lives and make more productive communities.

Finally, we need to make sure our foster system and other social service programs are effective and benefit the families who actually need them. That means helping reduce barriers to loving family adoptions as well as reducing fraud in our system so our tax dollars go where they are actually needed to help families.

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