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About Laura

Like so many working Michiganders in Macomb and across the state, I know what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. After being a stay at home mom for 13 years, I began raising my two daughters on my own and working to take care of us. I supported our family on minimum wage as a secretary, striving to move up the ranks in my company. When, after years of being a dedicated employee who work along with many others in sales who went on to make six figures, my boss would not promote me to sales because I was a woman, I decided to leave that job and start my own business.

I created Two Girls and a Bucket, Inc., a Residential, Commercial and New Construction cleaning company for builders, seniors, disabled, and many others. I grew my business and began hiring employees. We now employ 10+ team members. Having made minimum wage myself, I work hard to ensure each of my employees makes a living wage and time off for health and family.

Cleaning homes for many seniors in our community, I’ve seen how much harder it’s become for them to be secure in their retirement. With skyrocketing healthcare costs, unaffordable car insurance, and threats to pensions and earned retiree healthcare benefits from Lansing, many of our seniors who worked hard for decades are struggling just to pay the bills.

We can do better for our seniors and our working families. Every family that works hard should be able to put food on the table, and every senior who worked hard for decades should be able to have affordable healthcare in retirement. I’m running to represent us in Lansing to do just that.

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